Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies have already started to disrupt many aspects of our financial system.

Unfortunately, we believe this space still has big barriers to entry on this market, mainly because of lack of simplicity and long learning curves.

Even expert users face hard times trying to create quick prototypes and this slows down development speed, forcing developers to implement rather complex solutions and in some cases reinventing the wheel.


We are creating the easiest way to implement blockchains and other Distributed Ledger Technologies to web and mobile applications.

Developing an event tracker and third-party integrations will allow new blockchain users to take full advantage of the blockchain over the already know environment of web 2.0.


The first lines of code of TxHash were written back in June 2017. Back then, most DLT projects such as exchanges, payment solutions, even games using cryptocurrencies, they all required pretty much the same basic piece of technology: a simple notification service which would push notifications to an API through webhooks about changes in the blockchain. Users could now be able to track desired events. This is when TxHash was born.

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